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How much are you prepared to spend on a business opportunity ?
R50 000?   R20 000?   R15 000?

You can buy a franchise but they range from R30,000.00 right up to R3,500,000.00 just for the licence!!!

I didn't have that much money lying around doing nothing readily available to put into a business .

I decided R1200, spread over six months (i.e. R200 per month) was an amount I wouldn't miss - it's not even a dinner for two!  So I decided to give it a full go for six months and contact everyone I know. I even saved a bit as this business is only R190 per month! :)

I knew it was actually going to cost me less than R1200 because pretty soon, the money that I made from my own home business would be more than my monthly premium but I felt like I had to commit to spending a figure and R1200 felt like a reasonable amount that I was prepared to spend on my own business !

Also bear in mind that buying a business usually means you have tons of overheads:

staff, premises, telephones, electricity, transport as well as labour issues, bickering and who knows what else so in actual fact when it comes to owning your own business , R1200 is dirt cheap!!!


Actually, this business cost me just R190. I have been in profit from the very first month and so my business pays for itself AND my monthly commission INCREASES EVERY MONTH!



This is an awesome opportunity!

Here, you get to help the underprivileged (including yourself if you feel you fall into that category!) and all it takes is a little time marketing. You can promote this business on the internet, through friends, inviting family, chatting to strangers, placing ads - all sorts of ways - just whatever suits YOU and YOUR personality!.

The only real work you do is make a list of everyone you know and make the initial contact with them.

You do not have to re-invent the wheel we give you the presentation that you can send to people.

In our first month, my dad had 20 people in his team. If he can do it (and he is over 70 years old!), you can do it!!!

I KNOW you can get more than 10 people to join and I'm pretty sure you know people that will also introduce more than 10 people.  

Do the maths.

You also have the advantage in that you can now work from home with virtually no overheads.




Helen Nielsen:

I only signed up one person, but it was one person with commitment!

I went down to the 3rd level in my downline in my first month and my downline grows on a daily basis.




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